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10,000 candles


think in terms of failure

in terms of choices

a man who would either
kill himself or kill
his family

a day at the end of march
where the sunlight is almost
pure enough to burn away
your fears

your hands resting
calmly on a table

your eyes closed while
the door is kicked open

the mother's body found
on top of the daughter's

nothing left for
any of us but to run

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About John Sweet

John Sweet, born 1968, is married, a father of 2, and opposed to all that is evil. He has been living in the vast wasteland that is upstate New York for the majority of his life, is a firm believer in writing as catharsis, and in the idea that true democracy is a myth. A full length collection of his work, HUMAN CATHEDRALS, is available from <a ...read morehref="http://www.ravennapress.com">www.ravennapress.com</a>. All pertinent facts about his life can be found somewhere in the vast piles of his unpublished works.


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