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You jet-set go getter
You've been around the world
And back again
Dipping your fingers
In the international
Platter du jour
With au jus
A la carte

Materialistic society
chases you from airport
to airport as if you were
Carmen Santiego,
running from the
skeletons in your
closet cum backpack
Skeletons called
privileged upbringing
and western society
You can't get away
but you can keep running

Tokyo, Manila, Rome
Brisbane, Amsterdam, Shanghai
You've seen the worst life has to offer
Brown skin with black soles
Beds made from cardboard
Makeshift toilets in flower pots
that divide four lane highways

Hanoi, New Delhi, Cork
Luxor, Kathmandu, the Hague
You've seen a three thousand dollar sweater
Paid a dollar for an oil massage
Haggled over carpets you couldn't possibly carry with you
and made friends with people who
couldn't possibly understand you.

Burning optimism at both ends
you propel yourself across bridges
leaving the heat to burn the timbres
Gotta keep moving because
in those long breaks between destinations,
Receiving free socks in fuselage
Rattling in the cage of a jeepney
Sleeping on sailors' cots
the haunting creeps in and tries to get you.
tries to pry apart
the crevices in your grey matter.

Hong Kong, Nairobi, Seoul
Bangkok, Athens, Oslo
Gotta keep moving.
Gotta keep moving because
if you touch down in enough airports
ride enough boats
see enough poverty
taste enough strange foods
somewhere you'll find meaning,
between slurps of noodles in a soba shack
between the meaty ends of a blood pudding
you'll taste your own blood
find solutions to the doubts,
like beggars in Dakar,
that never leave your heels,

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