Something Worth Saying
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Something Worth Saying

 Rebecca Schumejda
 Rebecca Schumejda
Something Worth Saying
by Rebecca Schumejda  FollowFollow
Rebecca Schumejda is now on the pickle diet, so she can fit into her skinny jeans sometime in the next millennium.
Something Worth Saying
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For Nate Graziano and Dan Crocker

So it’s winter again
and I still don’t understand
how our spouses hold on
like leaves
breaking down sunlight
and giving us their energy,

how our children grow
like root vegetables
so when we pick them up
we’re surprised
by how they’ve grown

even in winter they hold on

even on drunken days
that stretch out for weeks,

even when we say it’ll get better
and they know it will not

their fingers curl around air
searching, like we are,
for something worth saying.


  21 months ago
Another great poem. I love drinking poems.

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