Hate Crime 1986
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Hate Crime 1986

 James Tyler
 James Tyler
Hate Crime 1986
by James Tyler  FollowFollow
I spend a lot of my time eating blueberry muffins, drinking coffee, and writing poetry; however, my true love is to read poetry and discover...read more poets from all over the world. Poetry that touches my soul adds precious time to my life that smoking cigarettes takes away.
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Hate Crime 1986
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I remember one day in summer, 1986,

I sucked through a box of cheap popsicles,

even the banana ones which I detested.

We had orange juice in the ice tray,

toothpicks sticking out. It was hot then.

We didn’t know dad had six years to go.

Ronald Reagan stood beside American flags,

the gay couple down the street had AIDS

and we were told to stay far away from them.

I ate cornflakes with chocolate milk while

my friend Pete ate cornflakes with water.

I kissed Jessica in a tent in the backyard

and later asked my mom if you could get AIDS

from kissing. She looked at me suspicious.

One day, Pete threw a rock through the gay

couple’s window and all they saw was me

running away. I got the blame, spanked by dad,

and had to do extra chores all summer to pay

for a window I didn’t break. After that, I hoped

Pete would have to eat his cornflakes with water





  20 months ago
I know a Pete...he walks with a limp now

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