After The Heart Attack - poem (free verse, heart attack)

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After The Heart Attack

I have seen the best minds of my generation
ruined by work, tv and french fries
staggering through neon streets for a fix
of meaningfulness amid the delusion
struggling hopelessly to enjoy their damaging lives

The heart attack woke me five a.m.
with an angry fist in my chest
Sleeping that night was hard
I wondered before returning to sleep
would I ever wake again?

Should regret the onion rings—but it was not their fault
should regret the tv—but I turned it on
should regret the work that paid so well for destroying my passion
but I don’t, even though they all ground me down
to a tiny vial of grit

To be one less voice co-opted by the delirium of Moloch…
to ensure I will wake and not go through this again
is for me
to make my life worth waking for
instead of what society demands

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About Victor Schwartzman

I started writing at eight, with a little family newspaper. Haven't stopped since. For me, writing is a life's journey. The first goal is to have work in progress. The second is that the work is personally satisfying. The third is that the writing deals with an important issue. The fourth, and least important goal, more publishing. This does not mean a reader is not important to me. Writing is communication and automatically assumes a reader.

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