Afternoon with Rain, Memory and Darkness
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Afternoon with Rain, Memory and Darkness

 Glenn W. Cooper
 Glenn W. Cooper
Afternoon with Rain, Memory and Darkness
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Glenn W. Cooper lives in Tamworth, Australia. He has been publishing poems in the small press and beyond for about five years. His most more books are 'Methinks I See My Father' via Liquid Paper Press; and 'Outrun Your Fate' from Lummox Press.
Afternoon with Rain, Memory and Darkness
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To be alone and lost
inside yourself, on a rainy Sunday
afternoon. To walk unfocused,
uncaring, for block after nameless
block, your clothes heavy with water,

your heart with something else.
To make your way home, just on dark,
open the door and turn on the light. Find the room
exactly as you’d left it – and to have this fact

somehow astonish you, as if your absence
could never truly be explained
in the first place. To get out of your wet clothes,
take a hot shower with the steam

filling the room like clouds that have
mysteriously infiltrated the building.
Then to sit in the growing silence, thinking
about yesterday, and the day before that,
and the day before that, all the way back

to eternity. Finally to tire of thought
altogether. To long for something more
palpable than the memory of all
these dislocated days.



  6 months ago
This poem makes me long for my younger, unencumbered days.

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