sitting in a tub
I wonder

if I watered my skin less
maybe my arms
wouldn't shrivel up
like an old lady's soon

if I walked only in moonlight
my face wouldn't be sun lined
and ate only food from my garden
and silver fish from my lake
would I live longer?

if this be true
I'd take off all my clothes

and swim with nymphs
in the cool green depths

watch ripples grow around
dark stone holes

join children playing
with dark wine glass pieces
balance with baby steps
on railroad rods

then skip home on fence posts
pulling a trailing sunset

wrap it round me
and sit there shining in the sun

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About Louisa Sunstrum

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Louisa Sunstrum has had poetry published in White Wall Review in Toronto and in FreeFall Magazine in Calgary. She has also submitted articles for educational periodicals. She currently lives with Viva, her miniature schnauzer, in Calgary, Alberta.
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