All My Bars Are Closing
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All My Bars Are Closing

 John Rocco
 John Rocco
All My Bars Are Closing
by John Rocco  FollowFollow
John Rocco lives in Queens, NYC, USA. He wrote a novel called FUR (2005, Published in Heaven Press). Nobody read it, or bought it, or more it. In 2013 he published AENEAS IS FROM QUEENS (Cook Creative) which people did read and buy and steal. Up the Heroes!
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All My Bars Are Closing
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All my bars are closing
shutting down
going out of business
firing everybody
pulling the steel shutters down
last call for all time
the lonely dirty glasses empty in the dark dirty sinks.

It’s awful to see a good bar close
that you’ve raised like a baby
getting to know everybody
pissing in the ladies room, smoking in the kitchen
the beer there before you sit down
overtipping like Jesus and James Joyce
overtipping the bartenders and
the 76-year-old waitress
who worked a double on her birthday
because she needed the money.
All my bars are closing
all of those days and nights gone
slamming back
the beer
the hard stuff
the women who said to me:
“I’ve never had a beer in
the middle of the day”
“Take me to your car.”

All my bars are closing
like the last time I saw her
sad after
cold Chinese food
nothing on T.V.



  27 months ago
fucking great, John! geez, man, this takes me back to the good ole Opium Poetry days. haven't heard from you in a while man!

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