Cutting Board
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Cutting Board

 V. Sarno
 V. Sarno
Cutting Board
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Cutting Board
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There is enough snow
in the one brief spasm
of twisted wind
to cover the green and grey
and brown outside
and then the sun already returns

I watch from the couch
and I feel my memory going
though I'm only 33
2 martinis a day
a vicodin or two a week
such moderation shouldn't
fade my existence
so violently

I remember a woman who
has almost lost it all
erasing before my eyes
with dementia
everyday asking about her husband
pleading, where's johnny?
And everyday reminded
that he is dead
for 2 years
suffering the news for the first time
all over again
each day
agonized and howling
that can't be, we were just dancing

acting out
the twist and fall
covering the ground
it doesn't last
too quickly wiped
away by motion
and another sun

this follows me to the kitchen
where I thinly slice
garlic with a short knife
smelling my fingers
and I know I'll wash my hands
a few times before
the scent is really gone
and still later my piss
will beautifully
reek of asparagus
a fleeting sensory echo
of one more meal
among many.



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