Through the convex security screen is  the solid, pink columned façade of investment properties
      jutting balconies with views of bricks & drain pipes & bitumen
rented by low paid day care workers, security guards, bar attendants-
      there is a constant thrash & rumble of vehicles
dark, low ceilings, broken door knobs, plastic pine flooring.

To shake off the impending sense of dread    I annoint myself with the latest in modern conveniences: BI-LO Skin Repair Cream, cockroach baits, burglar alarm…& further up the road stroll past acres of mall space & ducted air conditioning snaking up walls alongside kebab & pizza joints & smiling security guards & tables of redundant products-  a salesman with mike & an audience of one… me…  crooning with reassuring tones  of amazing bargains   never to be repeated

It is in this scene   this space   at 3 AM
                                                 in which the kookaburra erupts-
                       projecting its long splintering
                                         disorientated      cackle-
echoing through the dark, narrow laneways
                                      of the apartment complex.

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About George Anderson

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I was born in Montreal and presently live in Wollongong, Australia. I have published widely in mainstream and alternative magazines in many countries over the last five years. In early 2008 you will find my stuff on 'My Favorite Bullet', 'Haggard & Halloo', 'Literary Tonic' and others. I edit the student more journal Ephemeral now in its fifth print edition.
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