Another Drunken Night at a Jazz Lounge
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Another Drunken Night at a Jazz Lounge

 Steven Porter
 Steven Porter
Another Drunken Night at a Jazz Lounge
by Steven Porter  FollowFollow
Steven Allan Porter was born in Coral Springs, FL on Feb. 5, 1992 to a Jewish mother and German father. At age 3, his parents moved to Las Vegas, more In Vegas, his father developed a gambling addiction, causing the breakup of his family. Steven has lived with his mother and grandmother since then. At age 11, he began to play the saxophone. While in high school, he became heavily interested in jazz and practiced obsessively. After graduating high school, he attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas and studied Jazz Composition and English Literature. During this time, he started writing poetry seriously and attended workshops and readings in town. Influenced by: Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, Bob Kaufman, Nick Flynn, Louis Ferdinand Celine, Steven Jesse Bernstein, Edgar Allan Poe, and Anne Sexton. Steven currently resides in Henderson,NV.
Another Drunken Night at a Jazz Lounge
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Riffs spring from the piano with the touch of Bud Powell,

black and white keys speak through a man whose haircut is

in the reminiscence of Hendrix's Summer of Love.

Dim lights in Tiffany fixtures hang over crowded tables,

conversations are held under plumes of

cigarette smoke and clinking glasses.

Gambler's spend their few dollars on video poker machines

amidst old standards breathing from a saxophone.

A water wheel turns to the Adagio pace of a minor key ballad.

Waitresses in corsets take orders for greasy foods and

hurry back to a kitchen cluttered with Spanish linguistics.

Walls are lined with local jazz regulars' upcoming performances.

Night and day punch out on the bandstand,

where musicians above control the time.



  19 months ago - edited
Jazz changes your life. I didn't go to school for it, but I'm doing my best to learn. Keep up the good work.
  21 months ago
The last 2 lines make the poem:

Night and day (Cole Porter reference?) punch out on the bandstand
Where musicians above control the time. Nice!

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