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 Michael Grover
 Michael Grover
Ars Poetica
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Michael Grover is a native Floridian. He currently lives in Florida. Michael is widely published in it literary underground. He is the more head poetry editor at, Michael has published several chapbooks including his newest Some People Go Crazy on Citizens For Decent Literature Press. In 2014 Michael published his first novel Lockewood/The Wolves Of Lockewood.
Issue 18 · poetry
Ars Poetica
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Poetry, you elusive bitch!
Is this the way it has to be?
Me chasing you around
Corners and alleyways
Just so I can hold onto you?
Then I see the truth is
That no one can hold you,
So I give up on the chase
That's when you hit me hard like a brick wall.

Poetry, I did not choose this path,
You chose me!
So now I am damned to chase you around
Like an infatuated high school pup
And everyone knows this story.
He may hold her for a while,
But he never quite gets her does he?
He never gets the happily ever after
Does he Poetry?

There are times that I can hold you.
I can feel you around me like a blanket.
Sometimes days, even weeks at a time.
You feed me just enough to keep me from starving,
And then you're off again.
Never to return until I'm anorexic.

Poetry, this is serious.
My girlfriend is jealous of you.
She won't come out and say it,
But I can see it in her eyes.
How did you enslave me?
You're so intoxicating.
It's time you just stop the games.
Just lay down and let me fuck you forever,
Or turn around and walk away.

Poetry, this is serious.
My father called me the other night.
He said this is not work it's a labor of love.
He can't see it's gone far beyond that now.
Why is it when you take me places,
They're always shitty?
Why can't we go somewhere nice for a change?
But no you drag me across the bottom of the Earth,
And what do I see? Scum, what was I supposed to see?

Poetry, this is serious.
I feel the other Poets don't understand me anymore.
Don't they know you like I do?
Don't they know you at all?
Perhaps you just take them on different adventures.

Poetry, you elusive bitch!
We need to talk.
This whole relationship is not working out.
It's all for you and none for me.
You're not even the one that gets pregnant!
I give birth to words and it fucking hurts sometimes.
I raise little word families as Poems
And guide them in the right direction
Like a patient mother.
And where were you Poetry?
I'm a single Poetic parent!
Poetry, we need to talk!



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