#26 For the Boy from Cody Wyoming
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#26 For the Boy from Cody Wyoming

 Charles Joseph
 Charles Joseph
#26 For the Boy from Cody Wyoming
by Charles Joseph  FollowFollow
Charles Joseph lives and writes in Montclair, NJ. He is the author of four poetry chapbooks that people seem to really like, and No Outlet (a...read more novel) that he’s currently shopping to agents. His new chapbook Fireball (12 quasi-epic poems of cheerful doom and gloom) is available at wwww.indigentpress.com. One day Charles hopes to own a farm and raise chickens.
#26 For the Boy from Cody Wyoming
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Jackson was a horrible drunk,

but at least he embraced the truth.


If one throws enough shit

at the wall, to the floor, on a page,

SOME OF IT is bound to stick.


Jackson lived, painted, and died,

but at least he found the SWEET SPOT.


For years, I've had a room

to write in, to work in, to die slow in—

inside of it a galaxy of crumpled paper stars.


Each morning I search for the SWEET SPOT

in the hallowed halls of mind, body, and soul.


Some days I spit out a diamond.

Most days I choke on coal dust.


But now that I've thrown enough shit

on the page, on this page, on other pages,

SOME OF IT is beginning to stick.


With many cigarettes, much coffee, and failure,

I have also learned to embrace the truth—

all art is somewhat accidental.




  21 months ago
Thanks, Dan glad you like it. Yes sir, everything is the frustration of trying to find the diamond. However, learning to accept that without giving up isn't easy.
  21 months ago
isn't everything the frustration of trying to find the diamond...really enjoyed this keep playing with your poop

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