I always assumed that Miss Universe
was an interstellar traveler.  Surely
such an astronomical title signified
more than just a hot piece of ass.

She struts into the spotlight,
Sparkling fake tiara pinned on a
plastered head balanced on luscious
legs propped up in six-inch heels.
Violet evening gown stylishly slit
up her thigh, almost exposing her
emptiness.  She weeps through waterproof
mascara while cradling butchered roses,
flashes her bleached smile
and waves to millions of people
who will never be beautiful.
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About Kathy Burkett

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Kathy Burkett (that's me) plays kazoo for adoring audiences of odd dolls and kooky stuffed critters in Florida. She howls with her hound dogs and goes for long walks on her treadmill where the scenery never changes and she ends up exactly where she started.
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