In a commercial for laundry soap in Japan, hundreds and hundreds of women fluffed their bed sheets in a long, serpentine row traversing the mountainside.

Much later, devotees of Marcel Duchamp took his bones and laid them end to end to see how far they would go.

Do you know how far they went? I can tell you this much: they didn’t go anywhere nearly as far as all the Japanese women fluffing their bed sheets, traversing the mountainside of Japan in a serpentine row, right before the director says CUT, in Japanese, and then, That’s beautiful, he says, really, just like me, as I fluff the bedsheets, tonight, for someone, and ghosts.

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Ricky Garni has worked as a graphic designer, a teacher, a warehouse manager, a wine merchant, a recording engineer, and, for one day, a bathroom attendant in a Pizzeria on Miami Beach that had a rather dainty and elderly thermostat and it was summer. Mr. Garni has written poetry and prose since 1974 and has more published fairly often in print and on the Web. He loves old movies and bicycles and still likes pizza, but prefers the honest, wholesome, North Carolina variety.
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