On Being Born
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On Being Born

 Laurel Nakai
 Laurel Nakai
On Being Born
by Laurel Nakai  FollowFollow
Laurel Nakai is a freelance writer, editor, singer-songwriter, and children's bedtime-story teller in New Jersey. She is addicted to coffee,...read more old Elvis movies, and NaNoWriMo.
On Being Born
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as far as I can remember

there was a

swish swish


that vibrated warm

and even now I am forgetting


walls closing in

I can’t go through

I must go through


the cocoon bursts

and I am thrust out

after the gushing water



there was blur

and noise

a shrill, panicked, desperate sound

and I cannot remember


the noise is me

but I cannot stop

I have to remember

I cannot remember

I have to get back

to where?

to what?


and I am lifted and tilted and flailing


until, firm ground.

I press my ear against a pillowy mass

and I hear it, much fainter

but it’s in there

swish swish



and the pillow has arms to envelope me

a new cocoon

I remember



  2 years ago
It's kind of nice to read sonething that's like a lost memory. Like a poem you forgot you wrote and left in a drawer. I think so many of us yearn to remember what this moment was like, as if it would hold secrets or truths for us that we have lost. Reading this makes me feel kind of complete...read more - yes, this must have been what it was like.
  2 years ago
mother's day/birthday a heartfelt well thought piece

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