Final Fight
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Final Fight

 Lauren Tivey
 Lauren Tivey
Final Fight
by Lauren Tivey  FollowFollow
Lauren Tivey is a kick-ass, globetrotting wunderkind who WILL go rogue if you push her into a corner. She currently lives in China, where more of people are constantly in her way. Oh, and she likes coffee, cigarettes, and cats, but not necessarily in that order.
Final Fight
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After a night of last-ditch effort
day breaks like a hammer

the sun a fast, fat mandala
rising through the pink mist.

Drained, we lay bare
our private intentions

too tired to fix anything, everything
broken, terrifying and glittering.

We sit in stunned silence.
Together, at that moment

dazed by our lavish failure
we could almost be friends.



  3 years ago
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