Uneven Candles
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Uneven Candles

 AM  Roselli
 AM  Roselli
Uneven Candles
by AM Roselli  FollowFollow
AM Roselli I'm not quite sure what all this writing and artwork will mean for me in the end. I'm hoping to leave a trail for someone to find...read more somewhere. In the meantime, I write and create art each day, often imagining myself with Hemingway, in some dark-cornered bar with sticky tabletops. I think we're happy in this moment. And this is the moment I create for–that singular speck of short-lived bliss with each new creative work.
Uneven Candles
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two candles flicker on my broken glass tabletop
duct tape challenges pieces from splitting apart
an out-of-control combine should they crack more
things will separate as they will
two sides, uneven halves
like the burning flames
in my candle jars
one new, its scent overpowering
the other nearly used up giving light to my selfish pen
lopsided breasts those candles
same purpose
the spent candle jar is mucked with wax residue
no easy task to clean for repurposing
when I have so many other jars in my home
loaded with containers, pots, dishes
from house moves
from other loved ones’ house moves
attics, basements crammed up with crap
and an inability to say ‘no’ to anyone
who adores their crap
just not in their home
in mine


  4 months ago
Such a moving poem!
  4 months ago
Amazing "poem," gifted "poet." 😉
  5 months ago
well said

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