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Cafe Kott

 M.P. Powers
 M.P. Powers
Cafe Kott
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Michael Patrick Powers was born in Aurora, Illinois, lived most of his life in various parts of Florida, and moved to Berlin, Germany in more He plans on staying there until they kick him out.
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Cafe Kott
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It’s best here in the early mornings
on an overcast autumn day.
Sitting on the plush orange sofa, in the semi-light.
Warmed by Turkish tea, smoking rolled cigarettes.
There’s only three of us here,
and the barmaid clattering dishes in the back.
An old French song tiptoes about the room.
It’s best here when outside the weather’s grim.
When there’s just a few yellow leaves left trembling on the trees.
Sitting in this dim, uncertain light.
Sitting under a sign that says Beware of Pickpockets.
Smoke curling from my ashtray. Mumbling as I write this.
It’s best here before the crowd comes,
when it’s gloomy and cold outside, the windowpanes
speckled with raindrops. A jar of sugar and a vase
of flowers on every coffee table.
And the barmaid who smiles every time I order a tea.



  4 months ago
Thanks guys. I appreciate the good words.
  4 months ago
Love it. Wish I was there right now.
  4 months ago
Love the vivid images.
  4 months ago
more please nice job

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