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chalkwhite sun over an empty parking lot, late afternoon, thursday


everything silent

dying or rusting or
simply without end

without purpose without god
and then the asphalt where
it gives way to weeds

a belief in cancer

an understanding
of america

of houses that burn and
children locked in cages

men found hanging in
curtained rooms

whatever it is that they
might have come to

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About John Sweet

John Sweet, born 1968, opposed to all that is evil. He has been living in the vast wasteland that is upstate New York for the majority of his life, is a firm believer in writing as catharsis, and in the idea that true democracy is a myth. All pertinent facts about his life can be found somewhere in the vast piles of his unpublished works.

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Leopold McGinnis    13 months ago
Haven't read this one in a long time. Stern an foreboding. Elegantly sharp in its capturing of despair.
Heather M. Browne    13 months ago
I read this today...hitting so deeply after Robin. Well done!

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