To the Child at Times Square
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To the Child at Times Square

 Craig Fishbane
 Craig Fishbane
To the Child at Times Square
by Craig Fishbane  FollowFollow
Craig Fishbane is the author of "On the Proper Role of Desire" (Big Table Publishing). His work has also appeared in the New York Quarterly, more Bartleby Snopes, Drunken Boat, Opium, Night Train and The Nervous Breakdown, as well as the Flash Fiction Funny anthology.
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To the Child at Times Square
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Let yourself be dazzled
by the surface of things:  neon signs
and the possibilities they represent,
for soon enough, you will see
that surfaces are only surfaces,
and the electrons of Times Square
represent only themselves.

Then you will come to hate
the light and all that it shines on.
You will walk for years in darkness,
searching for illumination
in every place except its true source:

the spark that will let you once again
be dazzled by the face of reality,
this carnival of lights and mirrors
which you alone will kindle.

Glimpse the neon beneath
the surface of your eyes.



  3 years ago
  3 years ago
Diogenes would have liked this poem.

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