A String of Deaths

**Red Fez Tribute for Sandy Hook**

With my body here in Florida
Short sleeves and pants cut off
With my mind there in Connecticut
Distant feeling cut off
I yearn to be able to make snow angels
In Mother’s front yard.

Meanwhile teen age rage explodes
Making real angels
Out of innocent children 
In the school yard of Sandy Hook.

In 2011 outside a Tucson supermarket 
Six killed, one wounded
July of this year movie theater massacre
Twelve dead, fifty-eight wounded.

Home town childhood innocence
Snuffed out like a bedside candle
Makes no sense
How much heart ache do you expect us to handle?

The President wants flags to fly at half-staff
Until Tuesday
Why don’t we just fly them that way,
It seems I have been lowering the flag
Every month or so for a day or two
Half-staff forever
In memory of my Connecticut snow angel memories
In memory of the twenty-six Sandy Hook angels
In memory of the death of home town innocence. .

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About Chris Bodor

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Chris Bodor is getting older every day. He has been sweeping streets and playing with poems since the turn of the twentieth century. He recently found a black long-haired kitten under the hood of a parked car. He brought the kitten home and named her \"Midnight\".
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