Adversity & In Sandy Hook
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Adversity & In Sandy Hook

**Red Fez Tribute for Sandy Hook**

 Robert Vaughan
 Robert Vaughan
Adversity & In Sandy Hook
by Robert Vaughan  FollowFollow
Robert Vaughan leads writing roundtables at Redbird- Redoak Writing. His writing has appeared in hundreds of journals. His short prose, “10, more Dollar Pyramid” was a finalist in the Micro-Fiction Awards 2012. Also, “Ten Notes to the Guy Studying Jujitsu” was a finalist for the Gertrude Stein Award 2013. He is senior flash fiction editor at JMWW, and Lost in Thought magazines. His book, Flash Fiction Fridays, is at Amazon. His poetry chapbook, Microtones, is from Cervena Barva Press.
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Adversity & In Sandy Hook
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The children line up

two by two

outside the door

hand in hand

some in threes

some even more

The adult zippers

jackets, fastens caps,

seatbelts toddlers as

the embargo prepares

its Christopher Street

trek, past Stonewall Inn

Reproaches after four steps

while the stroller pushers

think here we go again

and the children have

already learned to ignore

those voices of authority

from the street

from the neighbor

from the babysitter

ignore, defy, oppose,

and challenge

But mostly ignore

as they scream


giggling in the


of adversity

 * * *
In Sandy Hook

Stifling a scream
one can only look
with placed eyes
and grimaces
mourning a life
time not of
happy (hopeful)
memories but
slices of carefully
selected visions
flash before the
pallid screen
imagining constant
visitors and beginning
short declarations
with no endings...

When will the host
declare lights out
if there's nobody home
a bit like playing
hopscotch on a
Cambodian mine field
in which one surmises
the inevitable finale

And yet this eternal hell
on earth has come 
to inhabit not on
our tv screens
or in our recliners
but in the madcap
arena we once
called home.



  2 years ago
You encapsulated the terror of that day very well...

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