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On Leafing Through the Lee Valley Christmas Catalogue

 Sue Chenette
 Sue Chenette
On Leafing Through the Lee Valley Christmas Catalogue
by Sue Chenette  FollowFollow
Sue Chenette grew up in northern Wisconsin and lives in Toronto. She loves snow when it first falls, and manages to forget, for several more at least, its slushy and sooty future incarnations.
Issue 96 · poetry
free verse ·  
On Leafing Through the Lee Valley Christmas Catalogue
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Oh, yes! I will

make candle lanterns of ice,

constellations to line

my front walk.

                         It will snow,

my lanterns will glow

in mounded white (not

on limp grass among damp leaves)

and under a full moon – just

as on this glossy page,

scintillant in lavender drifts.


Designed in Norway.

Of course!

Mystic north, air thick

with Herodotus’ white feathers, and then,

the Scandinavians’ renowned IKEA-

esqueness, and this star-

shaped mold in polypropylene.


I will fashion my lanterns

in a space of leisure that widens

even as I gaze

at the close-up of a single star

in a berry-red dish ringed with holly,

the icy brilliance conjuring


a starry sky in childhood’s

Golden Christmas Book, Pegasus

winging to the steepled village, while we

turn the page and fly lost

in drifted hours of soft

and feathery snow.



  1 week ago
The Lee Valley catalogue - your grandmother's Pinterest.
  9 months ago
goodness there is a lot underlining brittleness with a touch of sarcasm?