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 Dan Smart
 Dan Smart
by Dan Smart  FollowFollow
Dan Smart is a freelance writer, poet, and musician who currently works as news editor and frequent contributor at online music publication Tiny...read more Mix Tapes and producer/engineer at ECHO/NORMAL recording studio in Chicago, IL. He received his BA in Creative Writing from Illinois Welesyan University in 2006, where he has since returned to guest-lecture on poetry on several occasions. Recent publications include Spoon River Poetry Review, Red Fez, Hooligan Magazine, The Legendary (issue forthcoming), Cease, Cows Magazine, poetry/criticism blog Structure And Surprise, and his own daily-poetry blog Rhythm Is The Instrument, on which he's collected over 1,300 original poems—and counting.
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An immaculate teardrop
of slick and
iridescent aquamarine, 

underscores a godly coppice
of formidable quills—
with those mint

and basil
and pistachio
hints of

sumptuous eyes,
littered and lost among
speckled tufts

of Tiffany
blue and Kelly
green plumage—I cannot stop

seeing him,
looking at me
watching him

from my spot
there at the meager
fringe of a garden dale.

But unlike
him—I will eventually
hop this fence again,

easy as can be.
Maybe not as graceful
in gesture as he

is, but god 
damn it—nobody
ever loved

a peacock
for his 



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