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When You Visit Columbus

 James Croal Jackson
 James Croal Jackson
When You Visit Columbus
by James Croal Jackson  FollowFollow
James Croal Jackson's poems have appeared in magazines including The Bitter Oleander, Rust+Moth, and Columbia College Literary Review. He more the winner of the 2016 William Redding Memorial Poetry Prize via The Poetry Forum in his current city of Columbus, Ohio. Visit him at
When You Visit Columbus
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on your way from Los Angeles

to New York, I’ll tell you

there’s nothing to do here but drink


can you see our friendship

gripping skeleton bottles?


before we stumbled into every hazy bubble

of unfilled expectations


we called L.A. city by its name


then other cities called our names

like somewhere in this world

wanted us



  8 months ago
is the touchdown club still there....almost married a skinny girl from Columbus......or the Jai Lai club on Olentangy...nicely done

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