What We See of the Eye
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What We See of the Eye

 Rebecca Schumejda
 Rebecca Schumejda
What We See of the Eye
by Rebecca Schumejda  FollowFollow
Rebecca Schumejda is now on the pickle diet, so she can fit into her skinny jeans sometime in the next millennium. www.rebeccaschumejda.com
What We See of the Eye
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Even when open,
we only see a sliver
of the eye—

so much is hidden
for our protection:

your fears
cloaked in sarcasm
at the kitchen table
buttering tortillas,

our daughter’s finger
submerged in the lava
of a sunny side up egg,

and my strength
on the rocks
mixed with tomato juice
and Tabasco sauce

half submerged

a green olive’s red eye

bobs to the surface.


  23 months ago
Subtle, very nice. A really nifty poem.

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