Beyond Echo Stone
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Beyond Echo Stone

 John Swain
 John Swain
Beyond Echo Stone
by John Swain  FollowFollow
John Swain lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Least Bittern Books published his most recent collection, Under the Mountain Born.
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Beyond Echo Stone
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Rain sound on every leaf the axes spared,
rain sound magnify my heart,
the echo stone concavity drums
the river rapids two hills over.
The painted cave thunders
the distant river you incanted
to the virgin hemlock and sweet magnolia.
My hands and legs streaked dark with mud
along the pristine stream,
a crevice crawl in the slot canyon,
the chokestone mystifies.
As the hill steps up gathered with my pack,
green upon green in the heat,
I became the creek and sweat and rain.


  4 months ago · in response to Don-Allen Burnett

    Thank you, Don-Allen!
  4 months ago
This one sings—it's an aria!
  7 months ago · in response to Barry Yeoman

    Thank you for your kind comments, Barry!
  7 months ago
Nice images John. Great sense of synchronicity with natural surroundings. Visceral language. Well done!

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