Broken Sonnet of Pink Ribbons
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Broken Sonnet of Pink Ribbons

 Aurelia Lorca
 Aurelia Lorca
Broken Sonnet of Pink Ribbons
by Aurelia Lorca  FollowFollow
Aurelia Lorca began writing as a violinist/lyricist in a punk rock cover band called Unfortunate Mustaches with the legendary Roxi Christmas, more but was promptly kicked out upon having laser electrolysis. She then worked part time as a secretary for the Evil Dark Overlord of The Zen Baby Federation, but was eventually let go because she just couldn't wield a staple gun that quickly. She now free lances for free for anyone who offers clown magic.
Issue 106 · poetry
free verse ·  
Broken Sonnet of Pink Ribbons
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Lead me not to the sterility of
misogynistic minds, the monologues
of academic boasts, shows of class-
room scholarship and rote insight.  Banish me
from the postures of insecure pedantry
which mocks the tender of experience.
Transpose me not into intellectual
meows determined to belittle mauve liberties,
pastel exaggerations, and all things
feminine and proud: Wisdom is not wisdom
when it highbrows macho in a skirt.
Do I betray myself? Do I speak too bold?
Let me keep my pink ribbons like daggers
                        even when I’m old.


  1 month ago
I like this one because it makes me think of Gregory Corso

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