Numbly Present
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Numbly Present

 Tori Harris
 Tori Harris
Numbly Present
by Tori Harris  FollowFollow
Tori Harris is a dog day care supervisor who writes eclectic free verse in her spare time. She has been published in Red Fez and Harbinger Asylum, more respectively.
Numbly Present
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The definition of unfairness is the child becoming the parent

Then the therapist and finally the emotionally abused punching bag

Hoping and praying the mouths that make the words will stop

Years in the making, innocent at first though it seems

Slowly shutting down the insides of the child made to grow up

Without the support of parental control

The maturity of the two coming into question

When the daughter surpasses the both of them

Boundaries should be known, not made

Especially coming from the one broken down

The one that has to be the savior and the mediator

The mind isn't meant to retain such information

That cannot be gleaned on it's own

Pushed back and forth between the two

Settling finally on the side of her own

No idea what they've done

Walking on broken glass, far past eggshells

How could they not know?

Permanent damage, scars unseemly

No chance of an erasure of the words that torture her

Coming back into focus when all she wants is a moment

Just one, just a small period with nothing at all

Or at least something that isn't negative

Blood will be blood and it's thicker than whatever

But she moved clear across the country to get away

The words still haunt her

They cannot even fathom the destruction that continues to ensue.



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