He died
on a good day,
the weather:
a perfect 80,
cloudless sky
clowns smiling,
and nobody else
in the entire world
died that day,
not one soul.

Getting the full
attention of God,
as he entered
the other side
of the light.
The help message
went drowning
on a warm lake
of clear blue-
fishes biting
a handless pole,
and I wish I
had a lake
in my pocket,
a boat in my heart,
a mind of paradise--
so that when I
think of you,
the tears will flush off,
sailing free
around the world.
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About Anthony Liccione

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Anthony is an overworked, underpaid individual residing in Texas, who enjoys writing poetry rather than watching television. In his spare time. His poetry has appeared in Frigg Magazine, The Hiss Quarterly, Snow Monkey, Dispatch, Aroostook Review, Mad Hatter's Review and others. His latest book Please Pass Me,...read more the Blood & Butter is available through Lulu.com.
   2 months ago
Quite original! Looking f/w to reading more of your work. I tried submitting a poem on here but can't figger out how! - Ruth Z Deming

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