Autopsy Report

(after Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno)

Hair: orange like sun-bathed canyons
Eyes: innocent
Nose: freckled
Teeth: crooked, cleansed
Mouth: Oh, God,
do not make me think of her mouth,
how her succulent lips
caressed comfort.

Heart: still
Other Internal Organs:
flawless, each
Cause of Death:
jugular slashed
Last Recorded
Image on Retina:
an old friend who wanted her
to tell.

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Andrew J. Stone currently attends Seattle Pacific University where he spends $40,000 a year to learn how to lie more intelligently. He originally hails from Los Angeles but moved to Seattle to avoid the damned sun. His debut chapbook, "Teenage Angst & the Ekphrastic Exercise," will be available from more Banter Press in January 2013. Other work has been discovered in over 80 literary journals including Zygote in my Coffee, right hand pointing, & Phantom Kangaroo. Find him in the graveyard:
  24 months ago
Wow. What a blow at the end.

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