Nella Larsen Crossroads
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Nella Larsen Crossroads

 Kennita Ballard
 Kennita Ballard
Nella Larsen Crossroads
by Kennita Ballard  FollowFollow
I am a pre-school teacher who got involved in spoken word as a young woman. I spend the bulk of my day listening to classical music, lesson planning, more and writing poems focused on the African Diaspora and the traditional spiritualities of said diaspora. I was recently published with Down In Dirt magazine and Dead Snakes. -Kennita Ballard
Nella Larsen Crossroads
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It's called passing


To blend in

Living life as not the other

But living life just

To pass through

Get safety from egg to sperm

To the deathbed

Without incident or

Injury to the outside self.


Like a artificial penis an identity is strapped on

With casualness to the causalities

To the numbers of those who choose to speak out

Embraced their stand out

Hang in clusters like strange fruit


The seemingly soul alternative is to choose;

To pass

To be the majoritive's cuckoo bird

Afforded wings of privilege

By the very cheap nature of passing you can in fact afford it all

For a buy one get one free; mobility and invisibility.


The self has past on

Rest in peace

and a identity as transparent as the edges of the sky

passes through



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