There is Only One Season
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There is Only One Season

(After LI PO)

 George Freek
 George Freek
There is Only One Season
by George Freek  FollowFollow
I can't make it interesting if there's nothing interesting there. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the most more thing in my life is the fact that I write poetry and plays (and often get the poetry published and the plays produced.)
Issue 100 · poetry
free verse ·  
There is Only One Season
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It’s peaceful to rest in our garden.
To sit among lilies,
hollyhocks and hibiscus.
But the leaves already harden.
Winter will arrive soon.
Everything will be smothered
by ice and snow.
The robins nest is empty.
They’re seeking kinder weather.
A maple leaf clings to the branches,
but it must also die.
My wife has been dead two months.
As shadows slip over her grave,
I watch the moon climb up the sky,
lost, with nowhere to abide.
A gentle rain falls in the night,
but I’m afraid to go inside.


  1 month ago
Evokes such melancholy ....

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