Long Night Of Bussin' Denny's
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Long Night Of Bussin' Denny's

 Gordon Hilgers
 Gordon Hilgers
Long Night Of Bussin' Denny's
by Gordon Hilgers  FollowFollow
Was born in Denver, became a beatnik at six, moved to Dallas, couldn't get the redneck vibe down, and the goatee was too much for my fourth grade...read more teacher, finished school, made steel guitars awhile, freaked out and did some drugs, grew out of that, entered the business world, became a paralegal, quit, wrote poetry the whole time, did the homeless trip, beat the City of Dallas against the wall as a journalist, forgot about that, ended up disabled. After all that, you're surprised?
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Long Night Of Bussin' Denny's
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She remembers Little Debbie,
how her moon pies confused half
the classroom, sixth grade, all
the boys imitating their brothers,
her girlfriends more chapped
than chastened, there, another
goodly word.  Now she sits, forking
Betty’s stale flapjacks, her maple
syrup all but gone, as well, she
will not quit stirring cold coffee,
not a thing in her skull, not much
more than mine.  The slip-moon
spoons shy daylight, world’s
all lit up, then she whirls her milk,
takes sips at the rim after wiping
Betty’s chilly egg off her mouth,
a rancid ache in her smile.  Pretty,
pert waitress wears odd fishnets,
almost too friendly at six, more work
at eight, then at nine her husband’s
suspicious eyes will creep out
of her smartphone as my new boss,
a 10, does her little jig at twelve. 


  5 days ago - edited
The tongue-in-cheek assessment, poem's persona off on another weird rant. I love the use of persona, a way to reach through the alphabet and transport the new through the eyes of a fictional other. You should have seen the other poem I submitted. :)

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