Detroit Sunset
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Detroit Sunset

 Mary Lanphier
 Mary Lanphier
Detroit Sunset
by Mary Lanphier  FollowFollow
Mary Lanphier spends her days wandering the city of Detroit collecting stories from secret warehouses, abandoned neighborhoods, shaky bars more urban oases. Sometimes she shares them.
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Detroit Sunset
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Sun is setting

Burning across an empty street

She washes dishes

Remembers yesterday’s fire

Can you smell the smoke?

Tonight she gazes

Through grime and glass

Barred against destiny

Worn out roses

On emptied plates

She soaps what’s left

Gently bathing

In muddy water

Tattoos and scars

Tracing a life

Settled before dark

She is alone now

Til the quiet shifts

Can you hear that?

A wild dog

A boot on the door jamb?

Gunshots will make you a little deaf

Her bare feet soft

On tired linoleum

The bones of a house exposed

Where veneer is broken

At night she remembers

How rain filled his eyes

Open to the Sun

Running like tears

Mixing with blood

On the sidewalk

Bleeding out

Til the heart is empty

We are all a little blind

When the world is broken

When the weeds grow tall

When the June bug sings

When a city contorts

With abandon

Some worn out promise of home



  4 months ago
Powerful stuff.
  28 months ago
barred against destiny, emptied plates, broken veneer, muddy water powerful stuff here
  28 months ago
Wonderful to see you here! Welcome aboard!

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