In the Time of the Breaking of Congratulations
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In the Time of the Breaking of Congratulations

 Bill Yarrow
 Bill Yarrow
In the Time of the Breaking of Congratulations
by Bill Yarrow  FollowFollow
is a professor of English at Joliet Junior College. He is the author of "The Vig of Love" (Glass Lyre Press), "Blasphemer" (Lit Fest Press) " more Sentences" (BlazeVOX) and five chapbooks, most recently "We All Saw It Coming" (Locofo Chaps).
In the Time of the Breaking of Congratulations
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What keeps people from asking for help?
Too often the shame of being helped. Like
my recently-divorced friend Delbert Faucks 
who tries to deflect the pain of his severance
by repeating "May divorce be with you" to
co-workers and bar mates. Everyone laughs 
but just to appease him. The coat of sarcasm 
is durable but not warm, so no information, 
not any of any value, is forthcoming. Rather, 
he coaxes acquaintance out of friendship 
and sleeps among the intoxicated rocks. 
I take him aside. Del, Del, what are you 
doing? How can I help?  What do you need?
Del: "You know any women into anal beads?"



  6 months ago · in response to Leopold McGinnis

    Thanks, Leopold.
  6 months ago · in response to Nikki Byrnside

    Thanks, Nikki.
  6 months ago
Funny, but I was looking for more. I thought at first it was the beginning of a short story instead of a prose poem. Nonetheless, I enjoyed.
  6 months ago - edited
So nice I read it twice. Nice job.

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