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A Beautiful Failure

like dogs running
through frozen fields

like february sunlight on
                          dirty ice

blue skies cut by powerlines and
dying gods left where they lie

abandoned factories
and empty warehouses

this is the place

meaningless words casting
distorted shadows and you w/ a
full tank of gas

you w/ a loaded shotgun

the last 20 years of yr life
spent turning in the
wrong direction

choosing not to choose

closing yr eyes whenever
the crucial moment
came near

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About John Sweet

John Sweet, born 1968, opposed to all that is evil. He has been living in the vast wasteland that is upstate New York for the majority of his life, is a firm believer in writing as catharsis, and in the idea that true democracy is a myth. All pertinent facts about his life can be found somewhere in the vast piles of his unpublished...read more works.
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