The Dawn
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The Dawn

 Heather M. Browne
 Heather M. Browne
The Dawn
by Heather M. Browne  FollowFollow
54 years of saggy skin and weakened eyes has resulted in this new adventure of poetry for Heather M. Browne, maybe because imagination is more works better than joints and vision at her age.
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The Dawn
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Dawn’s drunken dragon yawns

from his fiery bed

slowly sending steam to rise

salmon – peach

Breathing hinted color upon darkened sky


Lifting weary head

ache he roars

coral – copper glowing light

and burps his pungent morning breath


fire engine red, burnt orange, sunburst golden flame

firing sky




  3 years ago · in response to Leopold McGinnis

    Thank you Leopold!!!! Delighted!
  3 years ago
Nice! I never thought of the sunrise this I'll have trouble not thinking about it!

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