and i will mount........ - poem by Josef Lesser (dreams, age, youth)

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and i will mount........

Darker than danger
faithful as light
and i will mount the stallion
stabled on the childhood ceiling of my dreams,
and i will gallop stride for stride the midnight desert wind
where hills astonished will part like the red sea
time will embrace each flying grain of sand.

And i will barter in the market for dates and olives
share the wine and share the smoke
of pain relief of undiscovered miracles of talk.
And i will lead the search for buried books
then in triumph present the words and signs
to you and you and you and also you.

Then will i slash the sails of indifference
the rafts of ignorance will float anchorless and lost.
And i will sit on the cushion of philosophy
handing out wisdom coated almonds, raisins of faith
from the hand of truth with the eyes of question
and you will seek me out for the answer.

For in the house of the answer lives the secret
the seeker in the desert the market the hand,
the seeker of the flame lighting birthday candles
inside the quite oasis planted with the palms of age,
palms where now i comfort myself in that other me
content to watch the dark stallion graze;

Still faithful as light still stabled
somewhere on the childhood ceiling of my dreams.

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About Josef Lesser

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Josef Lesser lives with his wife in Coffs Harbour which is on the mid-north coast of New South Wales Australia. "In my retirement I commenced writing poetry as a mode of sharing my thoughts and experiences with others. I believe poems are as distinct from one person to another as fingerprints." Josef's work has more published in Australia, America, Canada and other overseas countries.

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