Insomnia, Deconstructed
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Insomnia, Deconstructed

 Beth Gordon
 Beth Gordon
Insomnia, Deconstructed
by Beth Gordon  FollowFollow
Bio: Beth Gordon is a writer who has been landlocked in St. Louis, Missouri for the past 16 years and dreams of oceans, daily. She is the more mother of three creative human beings, Matt, Alex and Elise, who fill her world with art and music.
Insomnia, Deconstructed
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Sleep is the lie perpetuated by men
who never close their eyes, vampires draped in slimy
silk suits, enviable boots constructed from the skin of murdered
reptiles without names.  They sell us mattresses perfectly 
attuned to our slumber requirements and midnight 
excretions, meant to repel 
tiny spiders who creep
into our mouths, knowing we will swallow, knowing that our stomachs
are lined with arachnid legs.  Our dreams blossom
like feral cats brought indoors, fed bowls of warm milk, like new
butterflies with dripping, uncertain wings, like mythical
creatures who require no food, no shelter, no flesh-to-flesh 
companionship.  They offer
oblong pills the precise color 
of our grandmothers’ nightgowns, unclean white.  They offer reduced-
price red wine, with or without trace elements of arsenic, the open 
window beckons, offspring of our eight-legged invaders
begin to crawl, begin to sing, begin the long slow trek to morning,


  6 months ago
I don't know whether to laugh or cry; part of this poem is hilarious, part ghastly, part full of rage and finally leaving me unsure whether to go to sleep or not. It's like a swamp, beautiful and horrible. I guess it's like my mother used to say, "Don't blame me. It's more man's world!"
  6 months ago
Love this. Although I feel there is a depth here that I can't quite plumb, but want to keep trying. This line is fantastic - "Our dreams blossom like feral cats brought indoors"
  6 months ago
Awesome images to drive home an important point.

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