jack walks
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jack walks

 John Grochalski
 John Grochalski
jack walks
by John Grochalski  FollowFollow
John Grochalski hates dogs and children and paying more than three dollars for a pint of domestic beer.
Issue 104 · poetry
free verse ·  
jack walks
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jack walks
down third avenue
with his newsboy hat
and thick glasses
like a brooklyn dandy
maybe he looks like professor
although jack is as dumb as a box of rocks
jack walks
down third avenue
looking hungry for the bar and his white wine
oh, the hours i used to waste
sitting next to him in some joint
while he talked about computer sales and diodes
jack walks
down third avenue
i wonder if he’ll fall asleep in the bar tonight
like he used to
and talk to the tv news in his sleep
wake and drink the dregs of his chardonnay
like nothing happened
jack walks
down third avenue
and the goddamned world has gotten so dull
he’s the only thing worth writing about this evening
couples with their heads stuck in cell phones
fat kids who can’t even skateboard
without looking like they want to pass out
even the fist fighting bums have lost their verve
and the sun hanging over brooklyn
is a tiresome yellow ball of gas
but jack walks
down third avenue
with a spring in his step and no political agenda
like he’s got the world on a string
the richest man in all of gotham
the king of cups
heading toward the joint with the neon lights
and ten televisions
the faint sound of shitty rock and roll in the stale air
jack walks
down third avenue
and for god’s sake everyone
let’s hope he remembered his wallet this time


  2 months ago
don't we all know jack, very nicely done
  3 months ago
Awesome. Love this line 'the king of cups'. Great ending too.

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