Smashing Time
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Smashing Time

 Wayne Dean-Richards
 Wayne Dean-Richards
Smashing Time
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Amongst other things, I’ve been an industrial cleaner, an actor, a painter and decorator, a fitness instructor and a teacher. Throughout, more I’ve been writing. Like Isak Dinesen, ‘a little every day, without hope, without despair’ and, I suspect, like Charles Bukowski, ‘These words I write keep me from total madness.’ As well as plays, poems, reviews, and a novella – Breakpoints – more than a hundred stories have been published in magazines and anthologies, some of which have been collected in the Arts Council funded At The Edge, and in Cuts, which is available from Amazon as an ebook. The force of memory, things unspoken, love and loss feature heavily in the stories, yet many of them are laced with a dry, dark humour.
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Smashing Time
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I was 9 when my old man came home drunk and raving
the whites of his eyes red as the sparks
that danced off the steel he worked with.

it was his birthday and
my mom had bought him
a tie
made him a cake,
readied her smile.

I watched from a distance
as he chewed his tie and
flung his cake
rushed to get a hammer
then raged through the house
smashing every watch
and every clock
sweat flashing off him.

what a mad bastard
I thought
but I’m the same age now as he was then
and the hammer in my hand
feels pretty fucking good.



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