Go "Lectric
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Go "Lectric

 Gloria Wimberley
 Gloria Wimberley
Go "Lectric
by Gloria Wimberley  FollowFollow
Having lived in Miami, Washington, DC, and other cosmopolitan locales for 20 years, Gloria Wimberley, M.A., now lives in the woodsy warmth of...read more her West Virginia hometown in serene Appalachia. An unabashed chocoholic and David Lynch fan, she is also the author of Dialect of Dahlias, a 100+ page collection of darkly delicious poetry published in 2012 by Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House of Los Angeles.
Go "Lectric
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Go 'lectric
Life's hectic
~mine cracked like a teacup
when the world went biometric...
but I learned
to feel through roses
think through thorns
Go 'lectric:
let alstromeria
bloom from a lightsocket
to your eyesocket
See the beauty
of the freckled golden
throat frocked
in delicate folds
of muted magenta
Smell the colors
cascading in air
like 4th of July
in God's grave-dark sky...
A flowering of color and light
to IGNITE the imaginations
of the moss-backed masses below
who long
for the coolly blue 
cobalt of a conduit 
to(infinitely not ephemerally) spark them *~*~*~*
into action



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