I Hold Doors For Other Women
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I Hold Doors For Other Women

 Ally Malinenko
 Ally Malinenko
I Hold Doors For Other Women
by Ally Malinenko  FollowFollow
Ally Malinenko is the author of the poetry collections The Wanting Bone, How To Be An American (Six Gallery Press), Better Luck Next Year (Low...read more Ghost Press) as well as a forthcoming book of poetry called Fitting the Ocean in Your Mouth (Blue Hour Press). She tweets @allymalinenko mostly about Doctor Who
I Hold Doors For Other Women
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Because men pass legislation
slicing up our bodies
like so much available meat
because the patriarchy
tells us we are rivals
after bosses telling us
we’d look even prettier on our knees
that we have nothing to complain about
that they were only trying to help
that harassment is a part of our paycheck
like any other tax.
I hold doors for other women
because men divide
and conquer
try to keep us from one another
keep us quiet
because online
they tell us that our stories don’t matter
that our lives don’t matter
that our bodies are theirs to take and break.
they tell us
we’re too ugly to rape.
I hold doors for other women
because sometimes it feels like all we have left
is to just be goddamn decent to each other.


  6 months ago
Yes! That is a powerful poem. I loved it and its message which I think is one that should not be relevant in today's world but sadly is. Thanks for writing and sharing.

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