No Excuses
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No Excuses

 Linda Rosenkrans
 Linda Rosenkrans
No Excuses
by Linda Rosenkrans  FollowFollow
Linda Rosenkrans is here, there, everywhere and nowhere traveling from the ocean, to the desert, to the mountains and back again; her words more trailing behind her trying to catch up. Her work has been published in several of the unusual writers haunts within the spaced out cyber world.
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No Excuses
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Yeah, you're right
I did do all
Of those things
You accused me of

I won't apologize
For being me
But I will apologize
For not being me

I don't expect you
To understand
     I don't understand

My financed friends
Say it's some
Kind of an
Up and down
Scrambled egg
With cheese
And habanero
hot sauce

I feel so special
But I already
Knew that
The authorities
Have been
Telling me
That my whole life

Bet you
Didn't know that
You didn't
Know a lot of things
About me
Perfection is
     Too busy
Perfecting itself

I know that used to
Make you mad
You hated my secrets

I wasn't your friend
I was your
Cow dung example
To the world
The fertilizer
You used to keep
Your grass green

I didn't
Measure up
To your
Fine wine

But that's ok
I don't drink
Wine anyways

In fact
I kind of
Getting dirty
Rolling around
In manure

It gives me
The nourishment
I need to grow.



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