Leaving Fresno
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Leaving Fresno

 Patrick Fontes
 Patrick Fontes
Leaving Fresno
by Patrick Fontes  FollowFollow
Patrick grew up in Fresno, CA. The grit, grime and strength of the working class city laid the foundation of both his character of worldview....read more Patrick received his PhD in American History from Stanford University. His research interests includes Mexican American history, immigration history, 20th century American youth cultures, and the criminalization of Chicano culture. Patrick’s poetry has appeared in The Más Tequila Review, the Acentos Review, Razorhouse Magazine, The James Franco Review, Suisun Valley Review, as well the Latino literary site La Bloga. Floricanto Press published Patrick’s first novel, Maria’s Purgatorio in Jan. 2016.
Leaving Fresno
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We sat drinking Pabst again

behind the church at our spot

tossing empty cans into our futures

she said she hated Fresno

I nodded yea I hate this place too

with head low I wrote in the dirt

like a thousand times before I heard her

she was going to leave

just pack her car and fuck this town

roll down her windows and shout

freedom from Madera to Gilroy

never looking back in her rearview

never again drink Pabst in a field

“One day I’ll live in Napa breathing fresh

or Monterey walking the beach at night”

she would say twisting tabs in despair

tossing another can as far as she could

into our mountain of rust.



  9 months ago
"She" is not about one person in particular but many people I have personally known, and thousands others, who love Fresno as their home but also hate it for many reasons, involving lack of jobs, crime, violence, extreme summer heat, horrible air quality and general brain drain of educated,...read more young people out of the area.
  9 months ago · in response to Leopold McGinnis

    She left for a couple months to the Bay Area, slept in her car while trying to land a job. Eventually she gave up in despair and drove back to Fresno. She still dreams of leaving yet her dreams are tempered with the reality that she will most likely remain in Fresno for the rest of her life.
  9 months ago
sweet......a bit of jack and diane only better
  9 months ago
Love it! Did she ever get out?

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