the mazola party

waiting for the city bus
sophomore year of high-school
a group of seniors
asked this asian
fresh off the plane
if he was going to the
mazola party.

they kept asking

like retarded hyenas.

politely said
he didn't know what
a mazola party was
just stood there
hands in pockets
staring at the ground.

i pulled him aside
told him a mazola party
was an urban legend

everyone got naked
smeared themselves with butter
and had an orgy -

told him
they're making fun of you
because they're bored
and have
amoeba souls.

said his name was
chris chang
he'd come from china
to live with his brother
cause he'd have a better shot
getting into college here.

tagged along with me
to taco bell.

told him i
took judo
over at the college.

said he
had a black belt in hapkido
and could

jumped up
right on our table
in full lotus.

when his ass
stayed glued
said he probably
had to get used to the
air in america

he'd show me
next week.

walking home
it occurred to me
for the first time
that the reason i gravitated
to social-feebs
and idiots
was because of their
complete lack of pretension

which makes it easier to breath

but never has made up for the fact

that they

just like the amoeba souls
and the rest of the
elevator music majority

rarely have
to say.
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About Justin Hyde

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Justin Hyde lives in Des Moines Iowa. At one time he artificially inseminated pigs for a living. He has also been a bicycle mechanic, day laborer, pscyh ward patient, bank examiner, claim's adjuster... Currently he is a Parole Officer. He has a college degree in psychology - not that that means shit. If more want to fuck with Justin he can be contacted at he'll reply for sure, he's a vain narcissistic fuck.
   27 months ago
brought back some memories of high school jokers and midnight tokers but most of all the net partys

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