Tuning in the Peach
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Tuning in the Peach

 David McGinnis
 David McGinnis
Tuning in the Peach
by David McGinnis  FollowFollow
David McGinnis was a long term resident of Calgary where he was transplanted in the mid sixties from Chicago via Portland, Oregon and Berkeley,...read more California. After his retirement from the University of Calgary he turned to writing poetry and fiction. His poems have appeared in FreeFall Magazine. Historical essays on economic policies and labour, written during his earlier career as an economic historian, have appeared in various collections. Born on September 21, 1937 David left this small Earth to probe the greater universe for its philosophical and literary treasures on March 12th, 2004. David was one of our first contributing artists. He was instrumental in getting Red Fez Publications up and running, setting its underlying philosophy and was a strong influence for its continued growth and improvement. He will be sorely missed.
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Tuning in the Peach
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Calling all humans
Calling all humans
this is the peach
in the bowl

fuzz and pit
seed of my species
snug in jellied juices
skin mellow yellow
and orange cheeks
ready for the bite
here at my

final resting place
in the kitchen context
beside those other
travellers, Mr. Banana
and other
assorted fruit.



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