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Gas for the Solo Bull

 Mathias Nelson
 Mathias Nelson
Gas for the Solo Bull
by Mathias Nelson  FollowFollow
Mathias Nelson really dislikes bios, especially interesting ones where the author tries too hard to sound like a writer. He also doesn't more to be told to write an interesting bio, because it takes long enough to submit as it is (but he believe red fez is for a good cause). He may be reached at, and is unemployed, so . . .
Gas for the Solo Bull
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If you are sensitive
and still alive
than you are a tough piece of meat
weathered and unchewable.

You are a solo bull
with blue balls
that hang like sacked melons
in the winter never shrinking
no matter how many fucks
you manage to stumble upon.

There are a few specks of blood
on your horn tips
from when they pushed you too far
into their shallow waters.
Your animosity toward society
turns to sadness
but you keep kicking hoofs at the sun,
spitting bottle corks
and lighting cigars with your kindling eyes
and when the comet finally scorches Earth
you’ll be the only one laughing.



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